The brave new world of parenting

Our three-year-old twins are the learning how to skip count by twos at local rallies and marches. At home they shout: 2,4,6,8 we will not be ruled by hate! 
Three months ago they had no idea what Washington D.C.  was or what was happening in our government. Now my children are no longer innocent. While the twins ask about a bully president saying mean things, our nine-year-old has asked us about what the purpose of pussy hats is and what pro-choice means. We give answers that seem to be the best in the moment. Developmentally appropriate, but not glazing over the truth of our present reality. 

This is the brave new world of parenthood. We are doing our best and trying to remember to breathe.

I am ready for birthday cake?

I spent my birthday weekend on a spiritual retreat. Upon my return, our youngest met me at the door with outstretched arms. “You are!” she said joyously. 
“I am what ?” I replied.

 “She looked at me quizzically and repeated, “You ARE!”

“I am what? I am home? I am ready for cake? I am your mom?

She looked at me with her head cocked to one side, smiling and said once more,”You are.”

I hugged her, the days of cleansing and meditation flooded back in that moment. My three year old already knew the answer to my quest. My life isn’t about where I am, what I want, or how I identify. It is simply by being that I am most alive.