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Surrendering to the Universe 

The other day started with a ridiculous argument with my wife over medicine cabinet organization.  I stomped around furious, cleaning as I tend to do when I am mad (instead of working on some writing I had to do).

When I was calm enough to sink into a spiritual book, I opened it up on my phone and the screen was completely blank. This was followed by an email from work saying that plans had changed in a huge project. My heart sank to my feet as a long awaited endeavor had been seemingly crushed. I reach out to talk to a friend who was unavailable. 

 All of a sudden other friends started calling and texting to check in on me. A routine call to a parent turned into a cosmic conversation about the gift of surrendering to the perfect universe.

 It took a while for my body to wear down enough to stop. Humbly, I crawled into bed still experiencing pain from my surgery. It’s only at that moment that I was ready to go back to surrendering to the healing process and the perfect universe in which I call home.


Different light

Usually, by the time I get to my studio, the sun has set long ago. Today I had the luxury of sneaking in a few minutes in broad daylight. Everything looked so different. The yellows, seemed more springtime, the greens were almost neon. Paintings that seemed to be going nowhere, all of a sudden had clarity. I was able to capture such new perspective with different light.
How can we remember the power of looking at “old material” with a different light?