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Shedding blinders

Instead of hurrying outside to play, one child paused to watch beautifully slow drips of water dance down the window. I couldn’t help but join in the wonder. I claim to teach children, in truth I have finally shed my blinders enough to see my teachers are in front of me.


“Take belly breaths Dad”

Everyday I teach social-emotional strategies to 60 Kindergarteners through the Committee for Children Second Step Program. Yesterday one little child pulled on my shirt and told me this, “Last night my dad got really angry and I told him to stop, put his hands on his belly, name his feelings and take deep breaths. It worked!”
Tears welled up in my eyes as more and more five year olds came forward with stories of how they had put their new skills to work with their families and friends. 
This is the work of education. This is the work of teaching. This is the work of building a compassionate future. I am so happy to be doing this work.