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Space and time

While most nights, extra work is done in my sweats with a cup of tea, tonight I came back to school to get some work done. It was so wonderful to have the time in my work space to organize and prepare without worrying about rushing to complete everything before the bell or stand in line at the copier. Space and time felt like a fantastic luxury.
How do we create space and time in our daily lives for tasks that sometimes feel overwhelming?


Setting the stage for contentment

My wife has a dry, sarcastic, sense of humor. While I appreciate the art, I don’t know how to dish it back. Thankfully my best friend’s husband is the king of sarcasm. Their banter and smiles commence before they are fully out of their cars. Their repartee, is like a perfectly written script. As an audience member, I realized it had been way too long since the stage had been set for this performance in which we were all perfectly cast, and incredibly content.

How do we make time for the company that makes us smile to our toes?

Inspiration from dog remnants

For the past couple of weeks there has been a pile of dog poop next to where I lock my bike in the mornings. At first it truly stank, but with time I have watched it fade into the grass and become part of the soil…any olfactory evidence, long gone. We have all experienced “the brown stuff” in our lives. In time, the stench lessens and it is those experiences that strengthen our “soil”.