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Surrendering to the Universe 

The other day started with a ridiculous argument with my wife over medicine cabinet organization.  I stomped around furious, cleaning as I tend to do when I am mad (instead of working on some writing I had to do).

When I was calm enough to sink into a spiritual book, I opened it up on my phone and the screen was completely blank. This was followed by an email from work saying that plans had changed in a huge project. My heart sank to my feet as a long awaited endeavor had been seemingly crushed. I reach out to talk to a friend who was unavailable. 

 All of a sudden other friends started calling and texting to check in on me. A routine call to a parent turned into a cosmic conversation about the gift of surrendering to the perfect universe.

 It took a while for my body to wear down enough to stop. Humbly, I crawled into bed still experiencing pain from my surgery. It’s only at that moment that I was ready to go back to surrendering to the healing process and the perfect universe in which I call home.


Temporary pain, long lasting compassion

I tap my chest to release the gases caught there by my recent surgery. It’s only now that I understand the pain of my nine-year-old friend who thrashes back and forth in his wheelchair until a burp finally erupts and he can sit back at ease. 

My pain is temporary but my compassion will be long-lasting.

Transgendering magic wands

On the drive home tonight my big girls asked if you could change from a boy to a girl or a girl to a boy. We had a beautiful conversation about what it means to be transgender. It ended like this:

Seven year old: Why doesn’t everyone get surgery to make how they feel match what they look like?
Me: There are many different reasons but sometimes it is because the surgery costs too much or it is too painful.
Four year old: I wish I had a magic wand that I could just wave around so people could be who they are and it didn’t have to hurt.

How can we be magic wands for each other, helping people be who they are without hurt?