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Mothers’ Day ego check

Just when I thought I had been doing a pretty good job shedding my ego, another “growth opportunity ” tapped me on the shoulder this morning at 5:55. 

Our beloved nine year old was chomping at the bit to make breakfast in bed for Mothers’ Day and she needed some help. Half asleep, I set up the Kitchen Aid that was mandatory for the most complicated waffle recipe known to humanity. “Would you mind starting the eggs?” She asked, as I was about to slink back into bed. 

I didn’t have the heart to say “no” or remind her of my co-status as her mother alongside the woman still in bed. 

She is just old enough to understand the significance of the day and just young enough to miss the nuance of Mothers’ Day with two moms. 

I made enough eggs for both moms and grabbed a few waffles then plunked myself at the bottom of the bed where there was room. 

I am not going to lie. There was a pity party in full swing happening in the space above my neck. But as the day progressed, one smile followed by a snuggle, then a hug reminded me that I did not become a mom to stand on a pedestal once a year. I signed up for this co-journey for the sheer privilege of witnessing the daily micro moments, both blissful and well intentioned.


Observing mother’s day

On an almost daily basis, my wife makes cheese and crackers to eat while our almost year and a half year old twins sit on the other side of the counter eating lunch. Today I was on lunch duty, handing out pita, fruit and cheese. All of a sudden,  our son started frantically gesticulating to a small wrapped package of saltines he found hidden behind the bowl of fruit. He achieved calm only when I opened the package for him. Then, before my eyes, he expertly laid down the cracker, topped it with cheese and carefully scaled down the bar stool to search out my wife and deliver her lunch. The tears welling up in her eyes, shone with appreciation…Dowan truly observed “mother’s day”. 

What can we do to show that we observe/notice each other?