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Letting go with Lycra

I used to wear pants. They were colorful and funky, thrift-shop finds and occasional splurges. With my pants came self judgement. “Why are these too tight? I need to eat less or exercise more. Why am I not taking care of myself? Why did I think I could even pull off wearing these pants in the first place?” 
Then my in-laws gave me a few pair of spectacular tights. Not only were they colorful and fun, but when I wore them, I just felt happy. That extra few pounds that would come and go, did so without my self torment. Although my bike commute quickly tore up my fabulous leg wear, I replaced the tights with equally adventurous leggings and haven’t looked back since. Now I work and play without self shaming.

We all need tools to help us let go. One of my favorites is Lycra.


Clean house?

Historically, when friends came to the house I would clean it first. Today, last minute change of plans meant that new friends were coming over instead of meeting us for a hike. As I was playing translator between my two oldest kids and our Uruguayan neighbors and appeasing two teething babies, it occurred to me that the disaster zone I call home had no chance of improving its façade. I immediately knew these friends were “keepers” when they made themselves as home, complemented my muffins and helped pour tea while I wrangled clean diapers on squirmy twins…all within three minutes of their arrival. This experience made me so grateful for the people in my life that forego judgment and appreciate who we are as a family, sticky floors and all.

How can we all live our lives with an abundance of appreciation and a scarcity of judgment regardless of the “mess”?