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What is in the background?

I recently lost my head over a minor comment from a good friend. After a bit of distance, I realized it wasn’t the comment but rather the overwhelming pace of my life from which the comment came. We spend so much of our lives focusing on the thing right in front of us; whether it be a person, a challenge or the traffic light. Ironically, when we are looking for deep understanding, it is only by considering the background that we will truly comprehend the context from which our subject arrives.

What is in the background in front of you?


You are your laundry

Today I drove through Amish country, all the while smiling at buggies, vegetable stands and signs for homemade quilts and canned fruits. However, more than anything, it was the laundry that caught my eye. Dark dresses, quilts, sheets and trousers danced in the breeze, hanging from lines that seemed to reach into eternity. Family after family had had all of their wash on the line for the world to view. It made me think how each load of laundry we do tells a story of who we are and what we are doing. From the simple Amish linens to the load of dirty camp clothes, cloth napkins and pool towels I just finished, our laundry reflects our daily lives.