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Letting go with Lycra

I used to wear pants. They were colorful and funky, thrift-shop finds and occasional splurges. With my pants came self judgement. “Why are these too tight? I need to eat less or exercise more. Why am I not taking care of myself? Why did I think I could even pull off wearing these pants in the first place?” 
Then my in-laws gave me a few pair of spectacular tights. Not only were they colorful and fun, but when I wore them, I just felt happy. That extra few pounds that would come and go, did so without my self torment. Although my bike commute quickly tore up my fabulous leg wear, I replaced the tights with equally adventurous leggings and haven’t looked back since. Now I work and play without self shaming.

We all need tools to help us let go. One of my favorites is Lycra.


At ease

I was going for comfort when I grabbed an “Ithaca is Gorges” T-shirt and cargo pants to wear this morning. While this is practically my wife’s uniform, the outfit felt so odd to me, I found myself in my room, changing clothes a couple of hours later. This laundry making experience made me realize that no one can label “comfort” for us. Whether a job, a relationship or a pair of pants, we are the only ones who can decide what (and who) puts us at ease.

What ( or who) makes you feel at ease?