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I am an educator in the Ithaca City School District as well as a private consultant for families of children with exceptional needs. I also paint, commute by bike and I am raising four kids with my wife, Laura.

The gift of receiving

I enjoy giving gifts however, I am not good at receiving them; even gift cards cause me angst. Our youngest daughter inherited none of that. On Christmas morning she shuddered with joy, stopping to cover her face because she could not believe her luck at receiving such stocking fineries as her very own tube of toothpaste and a package of fancy goldfish crackers.
While the other kids shared a wide range of reactions, Greta’s joy was palpable regardless of the item at hand. I can only hope to someday receive her gift of receiving.

Putting on the brakes

I was reminded of my new bicycle brakes early this morning as I came to an abrupt halt at the first stop sign. 
In this moment, I was reminded, while movement is critical, equally important is the ability to slow down or stop. Sometimes abruptly.

Last year at this time, pneumonia taught me what an abrupt stop felt like. This year, I’ll just stick with the new brakes on my commuter bike.

The power of invitation

InvitationMy parents have been pastors for a combined total of 70 years. As a kid we hosted folks from all over the world and all parts of life; from newly released prisoners to folks from Africa and all over Asia and Europe. What I’ve learned from being a pastor’s kid is that our job in the world is to include and invite people. While I’m not a member of the “cloth” I’ve found such joy in sending out the invitation. Tonight has been no exception. I cast out the invitation to bunch of my friends for a night together. Many said no but those who showed up here shared something incredibly precious. I am so thankful for my parental training. You never know what the result of invitation might be. However, most likely when you invite beautiful people, The result is a beautiful experience.

A good list

There is something about a good to do list. It’s strength and fortitude keep me plugging along. The massive check marks next to completed items provide evidence that something has been accomplished in the physical or virtual world. 
What if we also started writing a self care list? One that reminds me I must sleep enough, spend time with good friends and eat something green.

The sweating stage

Sweat dripped from every single pore of my body as my friend poured more water onto the hot sauna rocks. After leaving the sauna my skin felt smoother than it has in years. This led me to think: maybe this is what our world is doing right now. Maybe all the toxicity coming to the surface to be swept out and washed away. Maybe, just maybe our world will be fresh and bright after a purge of toxins. Right now? We are in the sweating stage.