Falling into a faith community

One of my favorite parts about our Easter Sunday service is singing the Hallelujah chorus. Anyone from the congregation is invited to spontaneously come forward and join the choir for the quintessential finale of Handel’s “Messiah” while the rest of the congregation stands and soaks it in.

This year, one of the 90 something-year-old cornerstone ladies of the church tripped and fell on her way back to the pew. A physical therapist and nurse practitioner from the crowd ran up to assess her while the kids stood still in their tracks and the rest of the held their breath while simultaneously sending their love and prayers.

A few eternal minutes later, the medical professionals helped Mrs. McCune to her feet and the sanctuary filled with the sound of clapping.

Although I wouldn’t wish a fall for anyone, it was rather fitting to experience a microcosm of the death and resurrection story of Easter in our midst.

To me, this is what faith community is about. We commit to showing up with physical and spiritual support when someone falls down. Then we help each other back up with rejoicing .


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