Water play

I was born thirty five years old. I contemplated life as a hobby and took little interest in toys. However, the exception to this rule came on the hottest of childhood summer days in elderly neighbors’ above ground pool. There I spent countless hours with my sister and mom choreographing boisterous water ballet routines. As an adult, I was a little better at playing but not by much. Then I met Aqua Zumba. Five minutes into class, I could not wipe the grin from my face. Flailing about in the water with full abandon, it did not matter that most of the others could have been my grandmother; I was instantly transported to my eight-year-old self in Mrs. Lambien’s pool. Days after the class, I still smile.

How do you play?


One thought on “Water play

  1. You just took me back to a similar class I witnessed all the time as a lifeguard in MA. I participated a few times when I was off-duty and loved every minute! That instructor was a truly special person who brought her whole heart to each class. Glad to hear I’m not the only one under 70 who enjoys that sort of exercise. 🙂

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