Fourth grade biker

I enjoy a brisk ride through the woods on my two wheeled companion now and again, so when the opportunity arose to bike at a ski resort on vacation, I jumped at the chance. As mountain biking goes, I am a competent fourth grader; not new to the task, good stamina but not highly technical or a huge risk taker.

As soon as my trusty, (and rusty) bike and I were dumped at the top of the chair lift, I knew we were in for trouble. All around me were Advanced Placement trails. Slip-sliding down the muddy, jump laden, root-filled paths, I hoped and prayed I would make it to the bottom with no broken bones. Three rides and one face plant later, a little voice inside me said that it was really OK to be done. While it may be useful for fourth graders to get a taste of Advance Placement curricula, they don’t need to pass AP exams.

How do you give yourself, your students, you family and colleagues permission to be who we are, regardless of the grade?


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