Try, fail, learn, repeat

Today, as part of the #icsdplc, I had the pleasure of hearing Jim Warford @jimwarford, former Florida Chancellor of Education. His words of wisdom struck a chord in me: “Try, fail, learn, repeat.” So often we live under the false pretense that we as teachers, students, spouses, friends, organizations… must be successful at whatever we do the first time we do it. On the contrary, there is a necessity for failure in the process of learning. When we fail, and learn from our failures, we become our own best teachers.

When has failure brought you to a place of learning ?

One thought on “Try, fail, learn, repeat

  1. Oh my, so often! As a parent, failure is a daily spiritual practice. I find that to get the strength I need to reflect on the experience, learn, and try again, I need good companions — a learning community of some sort.

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