One hundred percent

After a wild day with friends and family, my job was to give the twins a bath in an unfamiliar tub. They are in the “mobile but dangerous zone” of avid crawling and exploring while lacking spacial awareness. This means every ounce of my being was spent from keeping them from drowning while tumbling over each other. For example, at one point I caught one by the ankle (in order to avoid falling the rest of the way out of the tub) while simultaneously blocking the other one from smashing his face on the spigot (again) and falling backward into the water. The whole scenario made me think about the times in life when one hundred percent of our beings are invested in a particular moment. To me, it’s a thrill and a rush…and a little exhausting.
What are times you use one hundred percent of your being in a single task? How does it feel once that moment is over?


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