A new kind of conversation

My childhood friend is in town. She is visiting from Columbia so our time together today was rare and precious. When we were young, we would stay up half the night, solving the challenges of our tween universe. Today, it felt rather miraculous that we eked in a few basic life updates in between one baby’s discovery of the full diaper pail, the other baby’s insatiable hunger and two older kids vying for the spotlight. Still, we shared an experience for a couple of hours. That act of being together became our new kind of conversation…at least for this stage of the game.

What kind of new conversations have you had lately?


3 thoughts on “A new kind of conversation

  1. Hey Lydia, just read through a bunch of your posts – insightful, makes me think and challenges me to be a better you. nicely done and thanks for sharing this part of you with all of us.

  2. It was so wonderful to have that time together, sweet Lydia! I enjoyed our new kind of conversation! And I will continue to look forward to our conversations as the years unfold. BIG LOVE!!!

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