“You are here because we need you.”

Today I went to church to help prepare for the premier of a music video made by the youth. Our job was to erect a huge screen then figure out a way to project on it. The most memorable part of this experience was witnessing how four individual people brought their strengths to the situation in order to complete it in the most effective and efficient way. One woman knew where the screen was and remembered how to put it together. Another woman edited the actual music video and the other guy figured out the most efficient way of moving the screen through a tight space. I was super impatient when it came to maneuvering the structure. Fortunately, I had the techie skills that we needed in order to pull it all together. When I got home tonight, my colleague had emailed me this Native American quote, “you are here because we need you.” That statement couldn’t have be more true today!

When have you felt the necessity of each member in the room?


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