Times of flux

Our district is in a tough financial situation with an upcoming budget vote. Many positions will be cut even in the best case scenario. With this flux comes worry about the unknown. With worry comes a preoccupation of playing out various scenarios with the intention of making something known out of the unknown. Here is the problem with playing out those scenarios: a large percentage of the time, the scenarios are inaccurate. In the meantime, rumors spread and anxiety builds. No one is at their best.

I was lucky enough to have a wise friend in high school. He would likely talk about our situation like this, “If “it” is happening you don’t have to worry about “it” because it is happening regardless of the worry. If it is not happening, you don’t have to worry about it because “it” is not happening.”

How do we help each other let go of worry and make room for our best selves during times of flux?


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