This afternoon my teaching team and I were guest lecturers at SUNY Cortland. We shared our perspective on inclusion through Universal Design (instruction/learning techniques/philosophies everyone can access, regardless of ability.) We had a ball doing it and the graduate students seemed to be pretty receptive to what we shared. On the way home I started thinking about all of the things we could have done better. I thought about missed opportunities for the students to turn and talk with each other or for us to ask more thought provoking questions or rate their participation etc… Instead of getting frustrated about what we didn’t do, I began to feel excited about how we can make the next presentation even more engaging. One of the greatest benefits to life, is the opportunity to reflect on the past and use it to guide our decisions about the future. We have opportunity for revision in so many realms!

What are you glad to revise?


One thought on “Revision

  1. Hi Lydia, Your post reminded me of myself, I’m always thinking about what I could have done better! Although I do the same thing, I want to say that your presentation was exactly what we needed. It was the last day of classes, you & Susan & Caitlin provided just the right energy and content for that day and time. Thank you and I look forward to future connections!

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