Happy memories?

It was my job to take our oldest, Freya, to her first track practice on my way to a meeting. The problem was there was permit only parking everywhere in sight. When I happened to mention that I was parked without a permit to one of the parents, she looked at me carefully and said, “That’s not a good idea around here.” In response, I found someone I knew and passed our daughter over to her care and dashed out the door hoping to avoid a ticket. Half way to my meeting, the guilt of leaving my six year old to navigate “on her own” made me feel like the looser of the year in the parent department. However, when I got home from my meeting, an ecstatic Freya had reported to my wife that she had an incredible time. She even said I stayed there through her warm ups then took her extra layers before I left. I heaved a sigh of relief when I Freya totally mis-remembered this event…to my benefit and hers!

What part does memory play in our happiness?


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