The brightness of color

I am an artist who is fascinated by the way that the same colors on my palette can yield completely different results depending on how much of one color or another I use. Today at our staff meeting we worked with a staff trainer to learn about the “True Colors” paradigm for understanding personality differences. The idea is that one out of four colors shines the brightest i.e you have more of those personality traits. The other personality traits are within you, they are just faded, or more in the background. What I love about this mode of analysis is that it acknowledges that we as people are not totally one way or another but a complex blend of colors/traits that shine to different extents. As our world seems to get more and more polarized, I believe it is important for us to remember that we are all made of the same colors. Our colors are pronounced with varied results…just like my painting palette.

How do we remember that we are all composed of the same colors while appreciating our varied products?

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