Grown ups need play dates

Grown ups need play dates
One of my friends invited me over tonight. It had been way too long since I spent time without my family doing something other than work so I was extremely anticipatory. This anticipation must have been seeping from my pours because our six year old, who rarely desires any attention from me, decided this was the night that she wanted me to put her to bed, and tuck her in, and heat up her foot warmer, and lie down with her. I love my oldest very much and I was flattered that she wanted to spend time together but her stalling tactics were confirmed when snuggled in her bed she asked, “So where are you going tonight?” When I explained where I was going she responded, “Oh, so you’re having a little play date.” I responded with,”why yes, I am!” She looked at me with a little more respect and sent me on my way. My daughter knows the value of a good play date.

When was your last play date?


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