Remembering how to stop

Our three year old has mastered the art of flying around the neighborhood on her bike. Her training wheels occasionally trap her in a pothole but she calls for tow truck (any available adult) and she is on her way. My heart tends to speed up a tad when we get to a downhill stretch and beats faster still when she decides to take her feet off the peddles and start singing. The problem is that Simka knows how to peddle and steer but I am not convinced she always remembers how to stop. That is how I feel on vacation. I know how to keep working. I can do it well and often add flare, however sometimes I forget how to stop or even slow down. When I am caught with something like vacation, I often take an emotional tumble… Not quite sure how to balance family, self, and catch up time without the structure of a tight agenda.

How do we remember how to stop?


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