70% avoidable

Today I met Jay Phillips, a low vision specialist and teacher for folks with no sight. He had just returned from India where he was helping a huge community of “cast offs” begin to catch up with about 50 years of progress in educating people with significant vision impairments. He said the folks there are well intentioned but India has one ophthalmologist for every one hundred thousand people. That means there are a lot of people who are blind or have low vision and no care. Educators there have almost no training for helping people who have vision impairments. With early intervention about 70% of the people he met could have avoided this status…and castigation.

How much of the strife and castigation in our lives and in our students’ lives is avoidable through “early intervention”?

By the way, if you would like to contact Jay or learn how to help out his project, he can be contacted at jelton62@gmail.com The website is: http://www.anandwan.in click here to check it out.

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