Appreciating the mundane

This weekend I took care of four sick kids. This meant a lot of laundry, booger wiping, liquid prodding, book reading, kid holding and temperature taking. I left the house to get videos from a neighbor. That was my big adventure. Sometimes life is mundane. It is about taking care of the basics whether or this is what you desire. When i find peace in the simple, repetitive things, it makes performing the mundane tasks a lot easier. There are similar tasks at school; paperwork, gadget fixing, file organizing etc. How can we appreciate the mundane at work and in other realms of our lives?


One thought on “Appreciating the mundane

  1. I think that the mundane is the foundation of life. It’s what’s normal, steady and what props us up for the grand moments. The daily routines of eating, sleeping, cleaning, laundering, etc. keep us well and healthy and ready to handle those moments that demand more of our being. After a long stretch of stress or being busy, what do we do instinctually? We stay home, we rest, we do the mundane. If we always had adventure and excitement, we’d be fried. Perhaps to appreciate the mundane we can just rename it. Really it’s just maintenance.

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